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Corporate management 起業・経営

Special procedure for start up business at TOKYO

Currently, tourist cannot enter japan cause of corona virus protection,  But Business visa holder can enter japan from this October.

If you intend to establish company and start to business in Tokyo, Tokyo Metroporitan Gourvernment's special process allow them to be issued 6 months business visa. To be exact, business visa COE(Certificate of Eligibility).  But this process is very complicated and it takes time and effort

Using this 6 months visa, you come to japan. during 6 month, you should rent office, make company, 2 times interview with PIC of Tokyo metroporitan government. All of these cleared, you can apply formal business visa.

So, you should only come to japan after get 6 months business visa.

For this plan process,

・We should ask your business plan by ZOOM or Chat.

・We will make (write) your business plan sheet and apply Tokyo metroporitan government.

・I will do interview with PIC of Tokyo metroporitan government.

・Ater admit them, I will apply your specical business visa

・I will send you COE after permit this.

You will come to Japan by this special business visa.

・We will look for your 6 months permanent residense.

・Help you to look for your office

・Establish your company.

・Two times interview with Tokyo metroporitan government.

・After permition Tokyo metroporitan government, apply formal bisiness visa.